We are aware of our responsibilities towards mother nature

Bell Holding celebrated its 75th Anniversary with the Memorial Forest. With the sponsorship of Perfektüp and under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in the village of Catalca-Durusu, Örencik, 4.4 hectares of land, have been planted with 7.040 black pine saplings. The event gave Perfektüp employees a great chance to get in touch with nature.

20. Traditional Art Competition

The 20th Drawing Competition organized for the children of the Perfektüp employees has turned into an entertaining event with dance, music and shows. The pictures drawn by the children with an exciting creativity adorn the walls of offices and meeting rooms. Now the event has found itself a place in the Perfektüp annual calendar.

Outstanding Performance of the Turkish National Youth Philarmonic Orchestra

Many thanks and congratulations to the Turkey Youth Philharmonic Orchestra led by Cem Mansur for their outstanding stage performance. Perfektüp and Bell Holding are very proud to provide support to cultural, artistic, education and environmental projects, which help to improve the quality of life in our community.