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From generation to generation: Acting sustainably to remain able to act.

Perfektüp has been active in its industry as a manufacturer of aluminum packaging for over 65 years. Decades of experience mean that the topic of sustainability does not pass us without leaving a mark: On the opposite. As a once regional company, we know what it means to deal with current issues and to adopt them in order to remain capable of acting in a long-term perspective. We therefore integrate sustainability holistically into our process workflows. To not only develop aluminum and laminate tubes as well as spray cans – but also to rethink them.

Paths to a circular economy

Acting in the spirit of a circular economy means reusing existing materials for as long as possible and so avoiding unnecessary waste. In plastics manufacturing in particular, the triad “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” is therefore becoming a core subject in the sustainability movement.

In this context, it is not exclusively about reducing the amount of plastic in the environment as such, but also about saving energy – in order to avoid high CO2 emissions for the benefit of the climate. At Perfektüp, we have integrated these precise processes into our manufacturing: With circular thinking and conscious responsibility towards the environment, we are moving step by step towards sustainability.

2030: Focus on the future.

The Green Deal decided for the packaging industry shows that we at Perfektüp are on the right track: By 2030, all packaging produced on the EU market must be reusable or recyclable.

We are already trying to implement these requirements.
But how?

Laminate tubes: reduction and recycling

Every year, we produce up to 220 million laminate tubes using our ultra-modern machines. To meet our own packaging requirements as well as those of the environment, we use 100% recyclable PBL material for this purpose. PBL stands for Plastic Barrier Laminate and is notable for its highly effective barrier function with proven quality, despite its entirely recycled content. Due to the 100 percent recyclability, we reduce our CO2 footprint during the production process. By using the thinnest possible materials – which nevertheless remain highly effective in their barrier function – we try to further reduce plastic consumption per tube.

Aluminum tubes and aerosol cans

In our aluminum production, we rely on both, PCR and PIR aluminum. PCR in this context refers to Post Consumer Recycled and means that the material for new production is obtained from aluminum packaging that has already been used. By using PCR aluminum, we at Perfektüp can reduce the footprint in the production process by a full 80%.

But it’s not just packaging already used by consumers that is relevant in our recycling processes – with PIR (Post-Industrial-Recycled) aluminum used, we also take advantage of material from industrial by-products.

In aluminum tube production, we have the most advanced technology – automatic packaging equipment means that no human intervention is required throughout the whole production chain. However, when thinking further about processes, considering sustainability and the requirements of our customers, we do interfere. In order to adapt our production to sustainability and to meet current requirements and wishes.

We at Perfektüp guarantee you future-oriented production with a service that accompanies you in the present.

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