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Success factor number one: Reduce costs.

Perfektüp’s aluminum or plastic laminate tubes and spray cans are used by many globally active companies – regardless of whether the products are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and beauty, personal care, cleaning and stationery, or food sectors.

There are multiple reasons why our products are so successful. The excellent quality, special designs according to individual technical specifications or support in terms of brand communication and design, just to name a few.

Low labor costs …

However, one important reason always takes a back seat: the comparatively low prices. The reasons are as varied as they are valid. Labor costs in Turkey are much lower than in many other countries. At the same time, the quality of the tubes and spray cans is extremely high.

and low production costs

The lower costs, compared internationally, to produce the printing plates are another factor. This also applies once again to cylindrical sampling for new printing templates. However, most importantly, the lower expenditure does not come at the expense of quality. Our own prepress department with our experienced experts ensures that nothing is left to chance, and that also saves money.

Transparent raw material prices

The prices for Perfektüp’s aluminum tubes and spray cans are based on price indices such as the London Metal Exchange, i.e. the world’s largest trading center for metals. Furthermore, the same applies to the plastics used. Here too, the prices – for polyethylene, for example – follow a transparent price index.

And the closures? They’re included.

Perfektüp also eliminates the need to buy in from other manufacturers when it comes to competitive closure solutions. Appropriate solutions are available for most tube applications and can be supplied as a package with the tubes. And: Perfektüp not only saves money in production: optimized shipping and perfect logistics reduce transport waste (packaging waste?).

Do you have questions…

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