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The EU-Plastic Tax. Recycling of material in the Tube production will be an Issue

The EU-wide tax on non-recycled plastic packaging is implemented in all countries as of January 1, 2021. The Tariff proposed by EU: €0.80 per kilo of non-recycled plastic. The plastic tax will be based on “non-recycled plastic packaging waste,” which is the difference between the waste fractions generated and recycled in a year. Plastic packaging waste is considered “non-recycled” whenever it is not suitable for further processing of products, materials or substances.

All Revenues from the new sources introduced after 2021 are to be used for the early repayment of loans to be taken out for Corona aid.

Conclusion: The introduction of a European plastic tax is an additional means of exerting pressure to make plastic packaging, including laminate and plastic tubes, recyclable and to curb plastic consumption in general. It can be assumed that the states will recoup the money via the companies, which in turn will recoup it via the consumers. The consequences most probably will be: rising prices for products in plastic packaging and a possible drop in demand.


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